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Bitter As Hell

Bitter As Hell is an experimental folk album created by TAKAT.  The album was released in three parts that are available now

The album draws from real life experiences growing up in Carter County, TN.  The song lyrics address runaway children, mountain fires, terminal illness, poverty, religion in the region, and a focus on childhood shame. 

Bitter As Hell was created with the help of these talented individuals:

Mixed at Classic Recording Studio in Bristol, VA by Mike Stephenson

Recorded at Glttr Kttn Studios.

Written and produced by Tim Nave


Tim Nave (Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Percussion)

Zack Vickers (Banjo)

Drew Shingleton (Bass)

John Gabel (double bass) 

Julia Wilson (violin; BAH part 2 &3)

Johnathan Grindstaff (Guitar on "Bitter As Hell".)

Layla Cantafio  (Violin; BAH part 3)

Ari Silver (Mandolin)

Mike Stephenson (Drums, Bass; BAH part 3)

Viney - small.jpg

Album art by: Anita Inverarity

All album art is created by Anita Inverarity. The original images were created with ink using hand-drawn traditional Scottish line work. The subject matter was drawn from the lyrics and themes of the corresponding set of songs.  If you enjoy the style of the artwork visit the address below to find more art that you may enjoy.

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