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Album available now on this website and all major streaming platforms.

Overmountain Sound is a band from Carter County, TN. The album was recorded in late 2019. Due to the pandemic lockdowns in March 2020, the band went inactive and the album received little attention. Since the release of the Bitter albums, it seemed correct to revisit the Overmountain Sound album. Tim felt the songs deserved more attention. Before releasing the album under the TAKAT name, it was decided to enhance the songs with more instrumentation and by replacing some of the original drum parts with that of Mike Stephenson.

Overmountain Sound founding members are Tim Nave, Grant Taylor, Caleb Gouge, and Drew Shingleton. Special Thanks to Zack Vickers and

J. P. and Leonna Mathes


Songs written by Tim Nave

Tim Nave - Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin
Grant Taylor - Guitar, Drums
Drew Shingleton - Bass Guitar
Caleb Gouge - Guitar, Mandolin
Zack Vickers - Banjo
Mike Stephenson - Drums, Keys
J. P. Mathes - Banjo (Chasing After Wind)
Leonna Mathes - Fiddle (Chasing After Wind)

Recorded and mixed by Mike Stephenson at Classic Recordings in Bristol, VA.

Album art by Daniel McClanahan / Holehrtd

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