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coming soon: Watering Dead Plants

Watering Dead Plants - small.jpg

The title "Watering Dead Plants" is a metaphor that explains the price we pay for pouring our time, energy, and love onto people and situations in life that will never reciprocate. 

I needed a small break. The Bitter albums are derived from places that needed healing and that process can be taxing on the mind. Rather than begin recording the next Bitter installment, I decided to let myself write instead. Around this time I had a dream. I've had this dream many times in my life, but this time was the most lucid of them all. 

In this dream, myself and everyone I know aren't alive. We aren't dead. We all know that we're "off the stage" at this moment. I sit surrounded by friends and enemies from all the stages of my life. Here, we are all family. We laugh, we sing, and talk about the current role we're playing in this edition of life. After a period of time, we all say our goodbyes and go back to playing our character in the great drama. 

I've had this dream more times than I can remember.

With this particular time in the dream, I didn't want to go home. I was tired of being disappointed, mad, and let down by people. I was tired of knowing I have done the same to others. I knew some relationships wouldn't exist once I returned. I wasn't upset because I had been wronged. I was upset because, here, I could understand why things happened this way and we could all be family. I could see beyond the actions on the great stage and see everyone as the same kind of creature that I am. 

The songs from Watering Dead Plants focus on the idea of putting your energy into making your life better even when it doesn't feel like it is worth doing so. 

Artwork by Anita Inverarity

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